Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Artemas Hale [1]

Hon. Artemas Hale Springfield,
Bridgewater---Mass. July 28. 1856

My dear Sir: Yours of the 24th. Inst. is just received. I very cheerfully give you my opinion as to the prospects of the Presidential election in this state & Indiana; premising that I am a Fremont man, so that you can make due allowance for my partiality.

I have no doubt, then, that the opposition to Buchanan, are the majority in both these states; but, that opposition being divided between Fremont & Fil[l]more, places both states in some danger. I think the danger is not great in Indiana; but some greater here. The Fil[l]more men have no power in either state, beyond dividing strength, and thereby bettering the chances of Buchanan. They know this; and I still hope the bulk of them will think better than to throw away their votes for such an object. Your Obt. Servant



[1]   ALS, NNP. Artemas Hale had been a Whig representative with Lincoln in the Thirtieth Congress.