Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Springfield, June 27, 1856

Hon. L. Trumbull

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 15th was received a few days ago. It would have been easier for us here, I think, had we got McLean; but as it is, I am not without high hopes for the state. I think we shall elect Bissell, at all events---and, if we can get rid of the Fillmore ticket, we shall carry the state for Fremont also.

Yesterday the Buchanan State ratification came off here. I do not think it proves much; but it really was a failure. There were not fifty---I think not thirty---persons, from other counties; and of the citizens of Sangamon, there were not more in town than there usually are on Saturdays. At night they spoke at the State-House; and they had no greater crowd than could be gathered any night on an hour's notice.

Great effort had b[een]

from a distance, an[d]

from our ranks. Of th

got Charley Constable, John Hogan from [St.] Louis, and no body else. Linder, and Singleton, and Webb, and Don Morrison, all missing. The old democratic speakers were old uncle Jimmy Barret, Moulton of Shelby, Vandeveer of Christian, and McClernand, all told.

Give my respects to Mrs. T. and believe