Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To James M. Loughborough [1]

James M. Loughborough, Esq. Springfield,
Dear Sir Dec: 12. 1855

To-day I received from Louisville, an unrecorded deed from your uncle P. S. L. to Lawrence Young, of date March 10---1845, for

S. E. 27--- T 21. N. R. 7 E. 160 acres

E frac12; S W 27 `` `` 80 ``

S frac12; N. E. 27 `` `` 80 ``

W frac12; S. W. 26 `` `` 80 ``

W frac12; N E. 15 `` `` 80 ``

480 ``

It was sent me with the request that I should have it recorded, and make some search for tax-titles. I have written back declining to do either; & saying I hold the deed subject to order.

I have thought proper to notify you of this at once. Yours truly



[1]   ALS, ICHi. James M. Loughborough was at this time clerk in the office of his father John Loughborough, surveyor general for Illinois and Missouri, at St. Louis. See Lincoln to Speed, infra.