Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Charles Ballance [1]

C. Ballance, Esq Springfield,
Dear Sir: July 27, 1855

Your letters of the 23rd. & 24th., the first having nothing, and the other $20 in it, are both received. Money is always acceptable to me; but when I left Chicago, I was not in ``extremis'' on that subject.

Browning had written me that the court was hung in our Hall case. [2] Yours as ever A. LINCOLN---


[1]   ALS, owned by Mrs. Charles M. Booth, Los Angeles, California. Ballance was an attorney at Peoria, Illinois.

[2]   Orville H. Browning and Lincoln represented William A. Hall in Joseph L. Papin v. William A. Hall, a Peoria French claim case in the U.S. Court, on July 17. In another French claim case, Robert Forsyth v. City of Peoria, Lincoln and Archibald Williams represented Forsyth on July 11, losing the case. These cases involved land titles dating back to the old French settlement at Peoria.