Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Jacob Harding [1]

Danville, May 25. 1855

Friend Harding: I have been reading your paper [2] three or four years, and have paid you nothing for it. Herewith is a receipt of Sylvanus Sandford [3] for two claims amounting to ten dollars. If he has collected the money, get it from him, and put it into your pocket, saying nothing further about it.

And now, if you please, I should be glad for you to put in your paper of this week, the names of Stephen T. Logan, as a candidate for Judge of the Supreme court; and of Stephen A. Corneau, for Clerk of the Supreme Court.

Please also print, and distribute a suitable number of tickets for them; and we, at Springfield will pay the reasonable charge.

As the Sir-name [sic] of our candidate for clerk is rather an uncommon one I try to write it very plainly---``Corneau'' the last letter being, not an ``N'' but an ``U'' Very truly yours



[1]   ALS, MnHi.

[2]   The Prairie Beacon published at Paris, Illinois, by Harding.

[3]   Attorney at Paris. See Lincoln's letter of June 1, infra.