Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
W. F. Boggs, Esq. Springfield, Ills,
Kingston, Mo. May 14- 1855

Although my christian name is Abraham, and not Edward, the within letter is evidently intended for me. Whether I ever gave Mr. Barnett a discharge I can not remember; nor do I knowPage  312 whether it would now be proper for me [to] give him one, not having, or knowing where to find, any of the old rolls or papers of my company. I do very well remember, however, that Clardy Barnett, a small man, with a scar on his face, and not far from my own age, which is now 46, did serve more than fourteen days (near forty I think) in the company of which I had the command as Captain, in Col. --- Thompson2 Regiment of Mounted Volunteers, in the Black-Hawk War of 1832---and that he was entitled to an honorable discharge. We went from Sangamon county, Illinois; and Samuel Whiteside of Madison Co, Ills, was our Brigadier General. Yours &c. A. LINCOLN---