Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To William H. Henderson [1]

Hon: W. H. Henderson: Springfield, Ills.
My dear Sir: Feby. 21- 1855

Your letter of the 4th. covering a lot of old deeds was received only two days ago. Wilton [2] says he has the order but can not lay his hand upon it easily, and can not take time to make a thorough search, until he shall have gone to & returned from Chicago. So I lay the papers by, and wait.

The election is over, the Session is ended, and I am not Senator. I have to content myself with the honor of having been the first choice of a large majority of the fiftyone members who finally made the election. My larger number of friends had to surrender to Trumbull's smaller number, in order to prevent the election of Matteson, which would have been a Douglas victory. I started with 44 votes & T. with 5. [8] It was rather hard for the 44 to have to surrenderPage  307 to the 5---and a less good humored man than I, perhaps would not have consented to it---and it would not have been done without my consent. I could not, however, let the whole political result go to ruin, on a point merely personal to myself.

Your son, [4] kindly and firmly stood by me from first to last; and for which he has my everlasting gratitude. Your friend as ever



[1]   ALS Tulare County Free Library.

[2]   Harry Wilton, U.S. Marshall.

[3]   Including the speaker of the House, Lincoln polled 45 votes.

[4]   Thomas J. Henderson.