Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  296

List of Members of the Illinois Legislature in 1855 [1]

[January 1, 1855?]


Adams, Augustus W. Kane

Adams, John H. W. Stephenson

Arnold, Dr. J. D. W. Peoria

Bryan, Silas D. Wayne

Campbell, James M. A.N.D. McDonough

Carlin, William D. Adams

Cook, Burton C. A.N.D. LaSalle

Corder, A. P. D. Williamson

Davis, Jacob C. D. Hancock

Detrich, J. E. D. Randolph

Gage, George W. McHenry

Graham, Benjamin D. Henry

Gillespie, Joseph W. Madison

Jernigan, G. R. D. Christian

Judd, Norman B. A.N.D. Cook

Kuykendoll [Kuykendall], A. J. D. Gal[l]atin

Morrison, J. L. D. W. St. Clair

Morton, Joseph D. Morgan

O'Kean, Mortimer D. Jasper

Osgood, Uri A.N.D. Will

Palmer, John M. A.N.D. Macoupin

Ruggles, James M. W. Mason

Sutphen [Sutphin], H. L. D. Pike

Talcott, Wait W. Winnebago

Watson, William [D.] W. Coles

Democrats, 11--- Of these, Mr. Graham did not vote last winter, [and his district A.N.D. over 2000] [2] and Mr. Detrich has since written a letter against the repeal of the Mo. Comp.

Whigs 9 A.N.D. 5--- Of these two classes, a great many [3] have gone into the Republican organization.


Allen, George T. A.N.D. Madison

Allen, William J. D. Williamson

Page  297Baker, Henry S. A.N.D. Madison

Babcock, A. C. W. Fulton

Bennett, Isaac R. D. Morgan

Bradford, James M. D. Clinton

Boal, Robert W. Marshall

Brown, H. A. D. Scott

Brown, Saml. W. W. Knox

Cline, W. N. [William M.] D. Fulton

Courtney, [James] W. Vermilion

Dearborn, Jonathan D. Brown

Day, Frederick S. A.N.D. LaSalle

Diggins, Wesley W. McHenry

Dunlap, M. L. W. Cook

Funkhouser, Presley D. Fayette

Foss, Robert H. A.N.D. Cook

Foster, George F. A.N.D. Cook

Gray, G. M[W]. N.W. Massac

Gregg, Hugh D. Jefferson

Grove, Henry A. W. Peoria

Holbrook, James C. W. Randolph

Hosmer, P. E. D. Perry

Hopkins, C. C. D. Wayne

Heath, Randolph D. Lawrence

Holliday, G. H. D. Macoupin

Higbee, C. L. D. Pike

Henderson, T. J. W. Stark

Hills, E. O. A.N.D. DuPage

Hackney, Benjamin W. Kane

Henry, Miles S. W. Lee [4]

Hinch [Benjamin P.] [5] D. Gal[l]atin

Jones, Albert G. W. Coles

Johns, Henry C. W. Piatt

Kinney, Wm. C. A.N.D. St. Clair

Logan, Stephen T. W. Sangamon

Lovejoy, Owen Abn. Bureau

Lee, William M. W. R. [Rock] Island

Little, W. A. W. Jo Daviess

Lyman, William A.N.D. Winnebago

Lawrence, L. W. W. Boone

Martin, Saml. H. D. White

Masters, S. D. D. Menard

McClain [McLain], Dudley D. Edgar

McClure, Thos. B [R]. W. Clark

McClun, John E. W. McLean

McCri[e]llis, L. F. D. Jersey

McDaniel, Jonathan D. Sangamon

Morrison, W. R. D. Monroe

Moulton, Saml. W. D. Shelby

Page  298Preston, F. D. D. Richland

Pursley, James M. D. Greene

Parks, Saml. C. W. Logan

Parks, G. D. A. A.N.D. Will

Patten [Patton], William A.N.D. DeKalb

Pinckney, D. J. W. Ogle

Rawlings, F. M. D. Alexander

Richmond, Henry D. Montg[ome]ry

Richmond, John P. D. Schuyler

Richmond, Thomas A.N.D. Cook

Riblett, Henry W. Tazewell

Rice, Wm. C. W. Henderson

Sams, Thomas M. D. Franklin

Seehorn, Eli D. Adams

Sullivan, H. V. W. Adams

Strawn, David A.N.D. LaSalle

Strunk, John W. Kankakee

Sargent, Porter W. Carroll

Swan, Hurlbut W. Lake

Tanner, T. B. D. Marion

Trapp, A. H. A.N.D. St. Clair

Turner, T. J. A.N.D. Stephenson

Walker, George D. Hancock

Wheeler, Alanson W. Kendall

Democrats 30

Whigs. 28

A.N.D. 14---Of these two [6] last classes many have gone into the Republican organization.

Nebraska Whig 1

Abolitionist 1

Vacancy 1


[1]   AD, Lincoln College; AD, owned by H. T. Morgan, Peoria, Illinois. The two copies of this list, both in Lincoln's hand and on seven pages of identical small notebooks, are possibly the only survivors of several prepared by Lincoln for the use of his supporters in his bid for the United States senatorship. One prepared for Samuel C. Parks, representative from Logan County, is now in the Barrett Collection and has provided the present text. The other was prepared for Robert Boal, representative from Marshall County. The minor variations in the Boal copy are indicated in footnotes. Each copy carries an endorsement written and signed by its original recipient stating the circumstances under which he received the notebook.

[2]   In Parks copy but not in Boal copy.

[3]   Boal copy reads ``several'' for ``a great many.''

[4]   Boal copy reads ``Whiteside.'' Henry represented both counties.

[5]   Hinch's first name and initial are omitted in both copies.

[6]   Boal copy lists ``Abn. 1'' before this sentence and reads ``Of the three last classes, a great many. . . .''