Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Springfield, Nov. 12, 1854

Dear Browning: At daylight the morning after the election, I had to go to court at DeWitt county, and I then had nothing of any account to write you. On my return last night I found your letter. Yates is beaten from 100 to 150. The whole thing was done in Morgan & Scott counties; in all the rest of the District we did better than we expected. The quarrel over the Insane Asylum [2] & the turning of about 200 english whigs in the two counties againstPage  287 him, because of Know-Nothingism, was what did the work for him. He now has in the two counties only about 100 majority; whereas two years ago, he had 521.

We now understand here that Mr. Williams is beaten also. Schuyler and Brown [3] are said to have played thunder.

It looks as if Anti Nebraska will have the H.R---the Senate doubtful.

By the returns in, Miller appears to have beaten Moore for Treasurer. [4] The only thing that throws doubt upon this is, that there is not much in from the South yet; and among the little that is in, there are some favorable signs to Moore. For instance, in Greene, Harris beats Yates over 400 while Moore beats Miller over 900.

Also, in St. Clair Moore has over 900 majority while, on the contrary, Trumbull, and Anti Nebraska generally, have about 900 majority. In all other places heard from Moore is getting along about like Nebraska. From what I see I think he must be beaten an average of 2500 in each of the four Northern Congressional Districts. Washburne, Woodworth, Norton and Knox are certainly elected. [5] It is believed Norton has a majority in every county of his District---in Vermillion alone 1120. Trumbull's election is sure by a very large majority. The Democrats here claim that Allen [6] is re-elected; and I fear it is so; though it is not quite certain. In the four Northern counties, old Col. Archer [7] gains over 400 on him; and I can hear nothing from any other county, though it is probable the dems. have something. I believe this is all I know. Yours truly