Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
M. Brayman, Esq Bloomington
Dear Sir: Sept. 23, 1854

This is the last day of court here, and being about to leave, I have drawn on the I.C. R R Co or rather on you on their account, for $100, which the McLean County Bank have negociated for me. I have directed them to have the draft presented to you. Will you please see that it shall be honored?

Page  234The reason I have taken this liberty is, that since last fall, by your request I have declined all new business against the road, and out of which I suppose I could have realized several hundred dollars; have attended, both at DeWitt and here to a great variety of little business for the Co, most of which, however, remains unfinished, and have received nothing. I wish now to be charged with this sum, to be taken into account on settlement. Truly Yours &c A. LINCOLN

P.S. The draft is in favor of Mr. Pardee, [2] who is Cashier of the Bank.