Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Edward Seymour [1]

E. Seymour, Esqr. Springfield,
Kaskaskia, Ills. July 17. 1854.

Dear Sir: Your letter of the 13th. inclosing copy declaration & notice; in case of Morrison vs. Briggs, [2] came duly to hand. On examination I found the case had been docketted at this July term, with rule to plead in twenty days. To prevent a default, it was necessary to file a plea before the expiration of the twenty days; and accordingly I filed it on the 15th. Inst. Court has adjourned; and nothing but preparation is necessary on the case, till the 3rd. monday of Decr. when court sits again. In the mean time if you wish me to do any thing further on the case you would better get up your evidence of title and send it to me. Yours &c



[1]   ALS, owned by Mrs. Arthur Seymour, Fort Gage, Illinois.

[2]   An ejectment suit which Lincoln and Logan lost in the U.S. Circuit Court, December 20, 1854. The jury found for the plaintiff, awarding damages of one cent and ordering the defendant to restore the property.