Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
O. L. Davis, Esq. Springfield, June 22- 1854.

Dear Sir: You, no doubt, remember the enclosed memorandum being handed me in your office. I have just made the desired search, and find that no such deed has ever been here. Campbell, [2] the Auditor, says that if it were here, it would be in his office, and that he has hunted for it a dozen times, & could never find it. He says that one time and another, he has heard much about the matter---that it was not a deed for Right o Way, but a deed, outright, for Depot-ground---at least, a sale for Depot-ground, and there may never have been a deed. He says, if there is a deed, it is most probable Genl. Alexander, [3] of Paris, has it. Yours truly.



A Deed from Joseph Patterson to the State of Illinois for the right of way one [sic] Lots 7 & 8 in Block 8 in McRoberts & Walkers Addition to Danville [4]

I am to examine for the record of this deed at Springfield and write the result to James G. Miles [5] or O. L. Davis at Danville.