Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To James F. Joy [1]

J. F. Joy, Esq Springfield,
Dear Sir--- Jany. 25- 1854.

Yours of the 20th. is just received, and I suppose, ere this, you have received my answer to your despatch on the same subject. It is my impression the case will not be brought up for trial before the meeting of the Legislature, but I can not get the promise of the court to that effect. I can only venture to say the first of February; [2] but as this day draws nearer, I can see farther ahead, and will try to notify you again.

Allow me to suggest that it is not safe to regard the case too lightly. A great stake is involved, and it will be fiercely contended for. I think we shall carry it; but I have a suspicion that the feeling of some of the Judges is against us.

I suppose you are aware that the point to be made against us, that the Constitution secures to the counties the right to tax allPage  210 property, beyond the power of the Legislature to take it away. Yours truly A. LINCOLN---


[1]   ALS-P, ISLA.

[2]   Lincoln and Joy orally argued the case of the Illinois Central Railroad v. the County of McLean before the State Supreme Court, February 28, 1854.