Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Hon: T. J. Turner: Springfield,
Dear Sir: Decr. 21. 1853

Yours of the 16th. is received. You say Adams [2] did go to Peoria with Bradshaw, but was not actually present when Bradshaw took the deed. But by whom can we prove that he was not actually with him? This is the point. We can use Bradshaw as a witness, and we ought, by all means, to do it, if we can have any assurance that he will testify fairly. What he told Phelps recently, is clearly hear-say, & we can not be allowed to prove it by Phelps; but Bradshaw would probably swear the same he told Phelps. It is now a great question with me whether we shall take Bradshaw's deposition; and I wish to know, at once, what you and our clients think of trusting him. He can make the matter entirely plain, on all the points, and no one else can. If you conclude to trust him, write me, and I will, at this term, get an order of court to examine him.

Yours truly A. LINCOLN

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