Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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To Thomas J. Turner [1]

Hon. T. J. Turner Springfield,
Dear Sir, Dec 14, 1853.

Your letter and the depositions both reached here yesterday; and, by agreement, Logan and I have opened the depositions and read them. By my agreement with Logan, made when I filed the Bill last summer, he has the option to continue the cause over this ensuing term, and he now elects to do so. This dispenses with your coming now, even if you should attend the trial when it does come off, which I think you need not do at any sacrifice. The depositions, in the main, are very good; yet there are two or three points, which I will mention, that I would prefer to have differently. First, and least, it does not appear that Bovey [2] advanced any of the money to pay Denny. Secondly, that Rollins sold to Adams, [3] that Adams advanced the money, and that the deed was to be made to Adams, only appears by Bradshaws declarations and admissions---and quare, are his declarations & admissions competent evidence? I hope they are, and will examine.

Page  208Thirdly---There is an obvious question unanswered---``Why was Bradshaw interfering in the matter at all? It is easy to argue against us, that he had some sort of interest, and took & held the legal title, till something beyond the money going to Denny should be paid to him, Bradshaw. The consideration mentioned in Bradshaws deed to Adams & Bovey, being greater than $1400 favors this argument.

Lastly, and what I dislike more than all, is that Jacob Adams proves that Adam Adams was with Bradshaw when he took the deed from Denny to himself. Is this really the fact? I had always understood that Adams & Bovey were totally ignorant of the reason of Bradshaw's taking the deed to himself, and also ignorant of the fact till Bs return to Rock river.

I have the right, at the term, of amending the Bill, without excluding the evidence already taken; and consequently I must be informed at once, whether Adams was with Bradshaw when he took the deed from Denny.

I shall write to Adams on the subject.

I understand Denny & Rollins are both dead; and I now wish we had proved the fact, as an excuse for not making them witnesses. Yours truly



[1]   Hertz, II, 621-22.

[2]   John Bovey.

[3]   Adam Adams.

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