Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Sir: Washington, Jany. 15. 1849

Your letter of the 2nd. was received last night. I went this morning to the folding room, and made enquiry for the documents you desire. They told me (what I had forgot) that our House has ordered the printing of 10.000 copies of Emory's and Abert's reports [2] together, and that 8 copies for each member will be ready in about two weeks. The first lot I receive, I will provide you and Mr. Harkness [3] out of. I was very glad to receive your letter, and shall be pleased at any time to have another. We have the news here, that Shields [4] was nominated for the Senate, from which we infer, that he was elected, as a matter of course. How do you suppose this, as a fruit of the glorious Mexican war, tastes to Breese, McClernand [5]et al?. Do you suppose they are in a mood of blessing the war about now?

Write me again. Yours as ever--- A. LINCOLN