Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Lewis M. Hays [1]

Mount Pulaski, Logan Co. Ills
Mr. L. M. Hays, Sept. 8, 1853.

Dear Sir: Court is in session here now, and on yesterday I got a judgment against G. W. Turley [2] for $116,90 cents. The reason the amount was no larger was that the defendant proved by two witnesses---a Wm. Dodd, and a Dr. Mershow [3]---that T. P. Taylor, in his lifetime, told them that Turley, in 1837, had offered to pay him the money on the note, and that he refused to take it, saying he never intended to collect it, and would give up, or destroy, thePage  202 note; on which proof the court decided, and I think correctly, that interest could not be allowed between the offer to pay and the bringing of the suit. This cut off all the interest but the $16.90 as a fee, and will send you the $100 in any way you may direct. I am following the Circuit and shall be at Bloomington, Ills., two weeks, ending on the 24th of this month, from which place I will send you the money, if you will have a letter to reach me there on or before the last named day. I can buy an Eastern draft at Bloomington, or at Springfield after my return there, which I suppose will be the best way of remitting the money. Yours etc.



[1]   Tracy, p. 46.

[2]   Tracy gives this name as ``Tenley,'' but other letters to Hays (April 23, 1851, October 27, 1852, supra) establish George W. Turley as the man.

[3]   Mershon? Efforts to identify the three men named have been unsuccessful, but the name ``Mershon'' occurs in contemporary sources while ``Mershow'' has not been found.