Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, Owned by William H. Townsend, Lexington, Kentucky. For a full account of the case of Edward Oldham and Thomas Hemingway v. Abraham Lincoln, Ninian W. Edwards, and George B. Kinkead, see Townsend, Abraham Lincoln Defendant (1923). Kinkead was attorney for Lincoln and Edwards at Lexington, Kentucky, in the settlement of the estate of Robert S. Todd. Edwards was named with Lincoln in the petition of Oldham and Hemingway to the Fayette County (Kentucky) Circuit Court for an attachment of funds in the hands of Kinkead. The petition alleged that Lincoln had collected $472.54 for the firm of Oldham, Todd & Company, but had never paid it, and that Edwards owed the firm nine dollars for freight paid by the firm for him. Edwards' deposition (May 23, 1853) denied that the firm had paid freight for him, but quoted a letter from Robert S. Todd to Edwards (August 15, 1840) to the effect that Todd was sending five bales of cotton yarn in Edwards' care for the benefit of Todd's daughters Frances (Mrs. William s. Wallace) and Mary, who was then residing at the home of a third daughter, Mrs. Ninian W. Edwards. Todd's letter mentioned having paid the freight as far as Louisville, Kentucky. Todd was at the time a partner of Oldham and Hemingway in the firm Oldham, Todd & Company.

[2]   Vide infra.