Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Reports Made to the Eighteenth General Assembly of The State of Illinois (1853), House Reports, pp. 4-24.

[2]   Augustus C. French.

[3]   Hugh T. Dickey was a Chicago attorney and judge of the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court.

[4]   Noah Johnston (or Johnson, both spellings appearing throughout this and other contemporary records) was a Mount Vernon attorney who had served several terms in the Illinois legislature, both House and Senate.

[5]   Ninian W. Edwards.

[6]   Brackets in the source.

[7]   Footnote in source: ``NOTE.---Mr. Edwards objected to all the proof, in the case of R. D. Lyman, in relation to coal and coal banks, as being an increase of a claim.''

[8]   Footnote in source: ``NOTE.---Mr. Edwards, counsel for the state, objects to so much of the above statement as relates to coal, because it is an increase of claim, which objection the board sustain, but allowed the statement to be placed on file for the inspection of the legislature, on the ground that the evidence in relation to coal is rejected. Mr. Edwards declines to cross-examine the witness, or to introduce proof upon the point. Mr. Edwards admits the sufficiency of the title to all the tracts in this claim.''

[9]   Footnote in source: ``NOTE.---This evidence, as to the first tract, applies equally to the claim of Mr. Reddick.''

[10]   Brackets in the source.

[11]   Footnote in source: ``NOTE.---The testimony of this witness, so far as it may tend to lay the basis of a new claim, or to increase the original claim, is excluded, and is only received so far as it may tend to explain the original claim.''

[12]   Isaac N. Morris succeeded William F. Thornton as president of the board of commissioners in 1842.

[13]   William Gooding.