Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
February 14, 1852

State of Illinois Macon County SS. Of the June Term of the Macon County

Circuit Court---A.D. 1852.

Trustees of Schools of Township Sixteen North of Range One East of the Third Principal Meridian, in the County of MaconPage  119 aforesaid, for the use of the inhabitants of said Township, for School purposes, plaintiffs, complain of Henry Prather, defendant, in custody &c. of complaint of Trespass in Ejectment.

For that heretofore, towit on the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fiftytwo, at the county aforesaid, the said plaintiffs were, for the use aforesaid, possessed of certain parts of Section Sixteen, in the Township and Range aforesaid, which parts are known and designated as Lots Eight, Nine, and Sixteen, of said Section, & which parts or Lots the plaintiffs claim in fee, for the use aforesaid, and being so possessed thereof, the said defendant afterwards, towit on the day and year aforesaid, entered into such Lots or premises, and unlawfully withholds from the plaintiffs the possession thereof, to their damage of one hundred dollars, and therefore they bring their suit &c.

LINCOLN, for Plffs.

Mr. Henry Prather

Sir: You are hereby notified that the above declaration will be filed in the Macon county circuit court, on the second day [2] of the next term thereof---that, upon filing the same, a rule will be entered requiring you to appear and plead to said declaration, within twenty days after the entry of such rule; and, that if you neglect so to appear and plead, a judgment by default will be entered against you, and the plaintiffs will recover possession of the premises.

Feby. 14, 1852. LINCOLN, for Plffs.

State of Illinois Macon County SS

Michael L. Devin, being first duly sworn states on oath that on the day of April A.D. 1852, at the county aforesaid, he did serve the within declaration and notice upon Henry Prather, the defendant named therein, by then & there delivering to him, a true copy of said declaration and notice.

Subscribed & sworn to before M. L. DEVIN

me on 3d June 1852

Wm Prather clk