Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
His Excellency Springfield, Illinois,
The President of the U.S. March 11. 1851.

Sir: We have a highly valued friend here, Francis Arenz, who is a native of ---. [2] He is an educated gentleman, of unquestioned integrity, and excellent business capacities and habits. He has resided in this country, and within what is now our sole whig District in Illinois, nearly a quarter of a century, during most of which time we have known him personally and intimately. In our political contests he has ever been our firm and efficient friend; and, disabusing the minds of his own countrymen among us, of those prejudices they generally entertain against us as a party, he has done as much as---perhaps more than,---any other one man, in preserving the integrity of our District. Through this long period he has acted a most disinterested part, never claiming any thing for himself. He now wishes to visit his native country; and we would be much gratified if the government would find him some honorable employment which would enable him to do so without pecuniary loss. We know not enough of the employments abroad, to enable us to designate; yet we make this appeal, not formally, but in all sincerety and earnestness. Your Obt. Servts.