Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Hon: James A. Pearce: Springfield,
Sir: Jany. 13. 1851.

It is believed here, by myself & some others, that your influence, if we could enlist it, would secure the appointment of Charles H. Constable to a Judgeship in Oregon. Mr. Constable is a native of Maryland; and I understand you have some personal acquaintance with him, or his family. He is now, and for several years has been, a resident of this State. He is well qualified to do the duties of a Judgeship; and I believe it would give universal satisfaction to the whigs of this State for him to receive such an appointment. I shall be greatly obliged, if you shall find it agreeable to interest yourself in his behalf.

You will probably not remember me; and therefore, as an appology for addressing you, I have to say that I had an introduction to you while I was a member of the H.R. of the 30th. Congress. Your Obt. Servt A. LINCOLN