Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
June 3, 1850

The Hon Nathaniel Pope District Judge of the United States Court for the District of Illinois having departed this life, during the late vacation of said Court and the members of the Bar of said Court entertaining the hig[h]est veneration of his memory, a profound respect for his ability, great experience and learning as a Judge, and cherishing for his memory virtues, public and private, his earnest simplicity of character, and unostentatious deportment, both in his public and private relations, the most lively and affectionate recollections, have resolved.

That as a manifestation of their deep sense of the loss which has been sustained in his death they will wear the usual badge of mourning during the residue of the Term.

That the Chairman communicate to the family of the deceased a copy of these proceedings, with an assurance of our sincere condolence on account of their heavy bereavement.

That the Hon: A. Williams District Attorney of this Court bePage  79 requested in behalf of this meeting to present these proceedings to the Circuit Court and respectfully to ask that they may be entered on the records SAMUEL H TREAT

E. N. POWELL Chairman