Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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[c. 1850]

In 1826, I believe it was, Elijah Iles conveyed a parcel of ground to Thomas M. Neale, by the following description---

``Beginning at a stake in the East line of Daniel P. Cook's sixteen acre tract, 330 feet from Madison Street---thence North with said Cook's line to his corner---thence at right → angles to James Adams' corner---thence South with his line to another of his corners---thence East to John Taylor's corner of his Eleven acre tract---thence South with said Taylor's line to another of his corners on Madison Street---thence West to a corner on said Street of Beacher's Block of lots---thence North and West with the lines of said Block of lots to the beginning, containing about Eleven acres.'' Book B--- 128

Afterwards Neale conveyed away part of the tract by the following description,

``Beginning at the South West corner of Joseph Millers purchase from John Taylor---thence N 88 deg. W. 1 chain & 20 links---thence N 2 deg. E. 4 chains & 92 links---thence N 88 deg. W. 4 chains & 80 links---thence N 2 deg. E 7 chains & 25 links---thence S 88 deg. E. 6 chains---thence S 2 deg. W 12 chains & 17 links to the beginning.'' Book B. 218

Also another part by the following description---

``Beginning at the North West corner of the tract last above described---thence N 2 deg. E. 4 chains & 48 links---thence N 89 E 4Page  71 chains & 30 links---thence North 48 links---thence East 2 chains & 20 links---thence S 2 deg. W. 4 chains & 96 links---thence West 4 deg. 48 chs. to the beginning.'' These conveyances were to Edward Mitchell. Neale also made a conveyance to J. R. Saunders by the following description---Book E. 421

``Beginning at the N. W. corner of James Adams' ten acre lot---thence with the quarter Section West 3 chains & 31 links---thence at right → angles with D. P. Cook's East line to a stake opposite the S.W. corner of said Adams' field---thence at right angles to last mentioned corner---thence with Adams' line to the beginning.'' Book B. 144. Whether this last is intended as part of the tract bought of Iles I am not sure; but I think probably it is.

Mrs. Neale, now for ten years a widow, [2] and very necessitous, thinks there is some small part of the Iles purchase which is not included by the conveyances of her husband. If so, it can only be ascertained by a Survey. If Mr. Ledley will take an occasion to carefully make such survey, and thus ascertain the truth, I will do as much or more for him, in the line of my profession, at his order. I am not expecting any compensation from Mrs. Neale.


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