Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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G. W. Rives, Esq Springfield,
Dear Sir: Decr. 15- 1849

On my return from Kentucky, I found your letter of the 7th. of November, and have delayed answering it till now, for the reason I now briefly state. From the beginning of our acquaintance I had felt the greatest kindness for you, and had supposed it was reciprocated on your part. Last summer, under circumstances which I mentioned to you, I was painfully constrained to withhold a recommendation which you desired; [2] and shortly afterwards I learned, in such way as to believe it, that you were indulging open abuse of me. Of course my feelings were wounded. On receiving your last letter, the question occurred whether you were attempting to use me, at the same time you would injure me, or whether you might not have been misrepresented to me. If the former, I ought not to answer you; if the latter I ought, and so I have remained in suspense. I now enclose you a letter [3] which you may use if you think fit. Yours &c. A. LINCOLN

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