Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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To Thomas Ewing [1]

Springfield, Ills Oct. 13, 1849

Hon. T. Ewing Secretary etc.

Dear Sir:

I have just received a letter from a friend at Washington, from which the following is an extract. ``Again __________ told me that there was a clique in Springfield determined to prevent Butterfield's confirmation; and, that Lincoln would give a thousand dollars to have it done, but, says ____________, one of the company who meets with them, keeps Butterfield weekly posted etc.''

This annoys me a little. I am unwilling for the Administration to believe or suspect such a thing. I write this therefore, to assure you that I am neither privy to, nor cognizant of, any such clique; and that I most potently disbelieve in the existence of any such. I opposed the appointment of Mr. B. because I believed it would be a matter of discouragement to our active, working friends here, and I opposed if for no other reason. I never did, in any true sense, want the office myself. Since Mr. B's appointment, having no personal ill-will to him, and believing it to be for the interest of the Administration and of our cause generally, I have constantly desired his confirmation. I have seen in the Newspapers but one matter of complaint against him, and in that (the matter of the Land Warrants) I believe he is right. What I am here saying depends on my word alone; but I think Mr. B. himself, if appealed to, will not say he disbelieves me.

Your Obt. Servt. A. LINCOLN


[1]   ALS, IHi.

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