[3]   This parenthetical comment in Lincoln's own hand was presumably written during the summer of 1860, at which time these scraps seem to have been sent to Simon Cameron by David Davis. Nicolay's list of ``The Carpet-Bag Papers,'' preserved in the Robert Todd Lincoln Collection, lists these ``Eleven foolscap halfsheets of notes and memoranda with two endorsements as follows:

`` `The foregoing paper was written by Lincoln in 1848 as being what he thought Genl. Taylor ought to say.' also

`` `The foregoing scraps about protection were written by Lincoln between his election to Congress in 1846 and taking his seat in 1847.'

``They were enclosed in an envelop addressed to Hon David Davis, Bloomington Ill. under frank of `Simon Cameron U.SS.' ''

The first of these endorsements applies to the fragment printed infra under date of [July 1, 1848]; the second applies to the document under consideration here.

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