[1]   Quincy Whig, April 15, 1846. Lincoln's authorship of this narrative, published anonymously, was well known to his associates---see Ward H. Lamon, The Life of Abraham Lincoln from His Birth to His Inauguration as President (1872), p. 317. Its publication in the Quincy Whig, whence it was copied a week later by the Sangamo Journal, was doubtless connected with the literary friendship between Lincoln and Andrew Johnston which brought about the publication of the only verse Lincoln is known to have published, in the Whig on May 5, 1847. As published in the Whig, the narrative was provided with the following editorial preface: ``The following narrative has been handed us for publication by a member of the bar. There is no doubt of the truth of every fact stated; and the whole affair is of so extraordinary a character as to entitle it to publication, and commend it to the attention of those at present engaged in discussing reforms in criminal jurisprudence, and the abolition of capital punishment. ED. WHIG.''

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