[1]   ADS, Brown University. Bracketed passages were written in by Nathaniel B. Buckmaster, Inspector and Muster Officer, and the same hand also wrote crosswise between numbers 45 and 52, ``Capt. Lincoln 4th Rgt.'' Lack of space dictates the omission of a column headed ``Where enrolled,'' between ``When enrolled'' and ``Where discharged.'' All men were listed as enrolled in Sangamon County. A second copy of the Muster Roll, printed in facsimile in Thomas P. Reep, Lincoln at New Salem (1927), includes two additional names between numbers 67 and 68---Thomas Long and William Green. This copy also designates the place of enrollment as Richland, except for number 63, which is Beardstown, and number 68, which is Dixon's Ferry; and the column ``Where discharged'' is omitted. There are no ``Remarks'' for numbers 3 and 7, and remarks ``absent on furlough'' are given for numbers 37 and 56.

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