Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Speech in Illinois Legislature
Reporting a Bill with Amendments to Establish a New County [1]

December 21, 1836

Mr. Lincoln said, that as a member of the committee, he would state that the bill before the House was a matter of compromise. He was willing to take the bill, because before any division of Sangamo could take place, the bill declared that the people of

Page  56Sangamo should themselves so decide. He would sustain the bill as it stood, the new county would be too small if lessened. He was opposed to offering to the people a territory too small for their acceptance.


[1]   Illinois State Register, January 12, 1837. On the afternoon of December 21, Lincoln reported from the select committee to which Douglas' bill for the division of Sangamon County had been referred, with sundry amendments to the bill. Since Lincoln's amendments make up the bulk of the bill as finally passed by the House after Lincoln had rewritten it (vide infra, December 24), they have not been printed separately here.