Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Certificate of Survey for Archibald Kincaid [1]

1835 March 24

Surveyed for Archibald Kincaid the North West forth of the North East quarter of Section 33 in Township 18 North of Range 6 West. Begining at the North West corner of the same at a White Oak 12 inches in diameter bearing N 85 E 17 Links. White Oak 13 inches S 66 W 58 Links. Thence S 88 E 20 chains & 21 Links to a White Oak 9 inches S 25 W 27 Links. Thence South 20 chains to a White Oak 24 inches East side corner. Thence N 88 W 20 chains & 21 Links to a Spanish Oak 20 inches---corner. Thence North 20 chains to the begining. J. Calhoun SSC



[1]   ADS-P, ISLA. Kincaid's land lay about three miles northwest of Athens, Illinois.