Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, CSmH.

[2]   Arnold R. Robinson was a Whig attorney, prominent Mason and temperance man who turned Locofoco. Although Lincoln's punctuation seems to suggest that the name may be Turner Campbell, efforts have failed to identify such a person. Campbell was probably Antrim Campbell, prominent Whig attorney who had been defeated for Springfield city attorney in April. Herndon's claim that he also abandoned the Whig party has not been corroborated in contemporary sources. Turner was possibly Oaks Turner, Putnam County Whig.

[3]   Probably short for Arnold Robinson.

[4]   Edward D. Baker.

[5]   Harrison Grimsley, who married Mary Todd Lincoln's relative Elizabeth J. Todd, was a Springfield merchant. Zimri A. Enos was an attorney, partner of Edward D. Baker. Lee R. Kimball was an attorney, partner in the firm of N. W. Edwards & Company. Charles W. Matheny was the son of Lincoln's friend Charles R. Matheny.

[6]   Christopher Logan, son of Stephen T. Logan; Reddick Ridgely, eighteen-year-old son of Nicholas H. Ridgely; Louis Zwisler, probably the son of James Zwisler, a Springfield merchant. A letter from Louis (DLC-RTL) of June 29, 1860, begins ``Dear Father I might say,'' and recalls early times in Springfield.

[7]   Beardstown Gazette, Illinois Gazette (Lacon), Morgan Journal (Jackson-ville), Sangamo Journal (Springfield), and the Hennepin Herald which ceased publication in 1848.

[8]   James Dixon.