Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  34

Speech in Illinois Legislature
Concerning Apportionment of Representation in the State [1]

January 21, 1835

Mr. LINCOLN said, the reasons offered by the gentleman from Madison would certainly induce him to go against the resolution. The gentleman had said that there would be a difficulty in fixing the Senatorial districts; and, sir, in my humble opinion, there would be an insurmountable difficulty. The districts cannot be arranged, and with a full knowledge of this fact, I have no doubt the House will lay the resolution on the table until the 4th day of July---at least I will vote in that way.


[1]   Illinois Advocate and State Register, January 28, 1835. Jesse B. Thomas, Jr., of Madison County, offered a preamble and resolution requiring the appointment of a joint select committee to report a bill fixing the ratio of apportionment of representation adapted to a census to be taken in 1835. Jacob Vandeventer of Schuyler County moved to lay the preamble and resolution on the table until July 4---the habitual motion when the matter was to be disposed of with finality---which was carried.