Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Washburne: Washington, April 30. 1848.

I have this moment received your very short note asking me if old Taylor is to be used up, and who will be the nominee. My hope of Taylor's nomination is as high,---a little higher---than it was when you left. Still the case is by no means out of doubt. Mr. Clay's letter has not advanced his interests any here. Several who were against Taylor, but not for any body particularly, before, are since, taking ground, some for Scott [2] and some for McLean. [3] Who will be nominated neither I nor any one else can tell.

Now, let me pray to you in turn. My prayer is, that you let nothing discourage or baffle you; but that, in spite of every difficulty, you send us a good Taylor delegate from your circuit. Make Baker, [4] who is now with you I suppose, help about it. He is a good hand to raise a breeze.

Gen: Ashley, [5] in the Senate from Arkansas, died yesterday. Nothing else new beyond what you see in the papers. Yours truly