Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Discussion in United States House of Representatives [1]

April 3, 1848

Mr. LINCOLN moved to suspend the rules of the House to take up the joint resolution from the Senate relative to contracts for the purchase of hemp for the use of the navy, for the purpose of referring it to the Committee on Naval Affairs.

Page  463Mr. HOUSTON, [2] of Alabama, suggested to the gentleman from Illinois that he would accomplish his object by modifying his motion so as to embrace all the bills and resolutions from the Senate lying on the Speaker's table.

Mr. LINCOLN replied to the gentleman from Alabama, that he was aware of that fact when he made the motion.

Mr. HOUSTON would then inquire whether the motion was susceptible of amendment.

No reply was heard. If any, it was presumed to be in the negative.

The SPEAKER announced the question to be on the motion of Mr. LINCOLN. [3]


[1]   Congressional Globe, Thirtieth Congress, First Session, p. 571.

[2]   George S. Houston.

[3]   Lincoln's motion was defeated.