Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Remarks Continued in United States House of Representatives Concerning Postal Contracts [1]

January 6, 1848

The House . . . resolved itself into Committee of the Whole (Mr. SMITH, [2] of Indiana, in the chair) on the joint resolution concerning the transportation of the mail from Washington south. . . .

Mr. GOGGIN [3] said. . . . The gentleman from Illinois (Mr. LINCOLN) had yesterday thought proper to go into what occurred in committee in connection with this subject. He regretted that the gentleman should so far have trespassed, unintentionally he had no doubt, upon the rules of the House; but as he stated that everyPage  430 member upon that committee, of both political parties---that all those with whom he was associated united in support of this resolution, he thought proper to notice the remark.

Mr. LINCOLN here interposed, and (Mr. G. yielding) said that the gentleman had misunderstood him. He had said a majority of one party and the whole of the other had supported the resolution in committee.


[1]   Congressional Globe, Thirtieth Congress, First Session, p. 119.

[2]   Caleb B. Smith

[3]   William L. Goggin of Virginia.