Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear William: Washington, Dec. 13. 1847

Your letter advising me of the receipt of our fee in the Bank case, is just received, and I dont expect to hear another as good a piece of news from Springfield while I am away. I am under no obligation to the Bank; and I therefore wish you to buy Bank certificates and pay my debt there, so as to pay it with the least money possible. I would as soon you should buy them of Mr. Ridgley [2] or any other person at the Bank, as of any one else, provided you can get them as cheaply. I suppose after the Bank debt shall be paid, there will be some money left, out of which I would like to have you to pay Lavely & Stout [3] $20- and Priest & somebody [4] (oil makers) $10- for materials got for house painting. If there shall still be any left, keep it till you see, or hear from me.

I shall begin sending documents so soon as [I] can get them. I wrote you yesterday about a Congressional Globe. As you are all so anxious for me to distinguish myself, I have concluded to do so, before long. Yours truly, A. LINCOLN