Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Illinois Gazette, August 15, 1846. Ford was editor of the Gazette, published at Lacon, Illinois.

[2]   Since the election was over (August 3), Lincoln's motive seems to have been to set the record straight, perhaps with an eye on his future political career. The issue of the Gazette for August 8 is not in the files of the Illinois State Historical Library.

[3]   Lincoln spoke in Lacon on July 18. His Democratic opponent, the Reverend Peter Cartwright, was the famed Methodist circuit rider. Dr. Robert Boal of Lacon, writing to Richard Yates on August 25, 1860, recalled this episode of the campaign in 1846, and commented, ``Cartwright sneaked through this part of the district after Lincoln, and grossly misrepresented him.'' Yates MSS., IHi.

[4]   Supra, July 31, 1846.

[5]   Lincoln received 6,340 votes to Cartwright's 4,829 in the district as a whole, but in Marshall County he received only 250 against Cartwright's 323, and in adjacent Woodford County, 215 against Cartwright's 300.

[6]   The handbill was printed in the same column immediately following the letter, but by reason of its prior date, July 31, it will be found supra.