Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Benjamin F. James [1]

Dear James: Springfield, Jany. 16. 1846-

A plan is on foot to change the mode of selecting the candidate for this district. [2] The movement is intended to injure me, and ifPage  356 effected, most likely would injure me to some extent. I have not time to give particulars now; but I want you to let nothing prevent your getting an article in your paper, of this week [3] taking strong ground for the old system, under which Hardin & Baker were nominated, without seeming to know or suspect, that any one desires to change it. I have written Dr. Henry more at length; and he will probably call & consult with you, in getting up the article; but whether he does or not dont fail, on any account, to get it in this week. [A. LINCOLN] [4]


[1]   ALS, MH.

[2]   See Lincoln to John J. Hardin, January 19, 1846.

[3]   An editorial appeared in the Tazewell Whig, January 24, 1846.

[4]   Signature has been removed from the original manuscript.