Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, MH.

[2]   Dr. Anson G. Henry who was then a resident of Pekin, Illinois; the communication favoring Lincoln was signed ``A Whig,'' and appeared in the Tazewell Whig, December 27, 1845.

[3]   ``A whig of Menard county, speaking on behalf of himself and others, expresses a wish, that the Convention for the nomination of a Whig candidate for Congress in this District, be held at Petersburgh. We know no reason why it should not; and if others are agreed, so are we.'' Sangamo Journal, January 1, 1846.

[4]   Reverend William Davenport, minister of the Christian Church.Page  355

[5]   Peter H. Willard, prominent merchant at Metamora, Illinois.

[6]   Matthew Bracken, of Walnut Grove.

[7]   John J. Perry.

[8]   Daniel Travis.

[9]   Dr. John Hazard.

[10]   Henry J. and Robert M. Clark.

[11]   Dr. Robert Boal.

[12]   Gazette, edited by Sylvester Emmons.

[13]   Delavan and Tremont are in Tazewell County.