Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
B. F. James Esq. Springfield, Ills., Dec. 6, 1845.

Dear Sir: To succeed, I must have 17 votes in convention. To secure them, I think I may safely claim Sangamon 8, Menard 2, Logan 1, making 11, so that if you and other friends can secure Dr. Boal's [2] entire senatorial district, that is, Tazewell 4, Woodford 1, and Marshall 1, it just covers the case. . . .

Upon the whole, it is my intention to give him the trial, unless clouds should rise, which are not yet discernible. This determination you need not, however, as yet, announce in your paper, at least not as coming from me. . . .

Page  352In doing this, let nothing be said against Hardin . . . nothing deserves to be said against him. Let the pith of the whole argument be ``Turn about is fair play.'' Yours very truly,


P.S. . . . A. L.