Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Page  345

To Samuel D. Marshall [1]

Dear Sam: Springfield, June 20. 1845-

I have wondered very much why you never wrote me, concerning the Dorman & Lane case, since I wrote you, as to the decision of it in the Supreme court. I learn this morning at the clerk's office, that Lane has not, as yet, taken out the order remanding it; and I think it possible, he may have abandoned it. You, perhaps, know his intention. The case of Gatewood vs. Wood & Wood---has that been settled? or how stands it?

At the request of Mr. Eddy, [2] I attended a case in the Supreme court of Rawlings against Field, [3] your father, Mr. Eddy & some others, and got the judgment reversed. This was no business of yours, and I now only ask, as a favor of you, that if Mr. Eddy is well you say to him I would like to have the little fee in the case, if convenient.

Please write me on the receipt of this. Yours forever



[1]   ALS, ICHi.

[2]   Henry Eddy.

[3]   Lincoln won this case before the Illinois Supreme Court when judgement was reversed on February 24, 1845.