Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Messrs Rowland, Smith & Co. Springfield, Ills.
Gent. April 24th. 1844-

Since the Supreme court of the United States have decided our property laws to be unconstitutional; and our own courts have ascertained, and concluded to follow the decision, we have become a little encouraged to make some further attempts to make some collections. Your case in our hands against Francis, Allen, & Stone stands about thus.

1841. March 26th. Judgement for $887.64. & costs.

1842. April 18th. Real estate sold and bought in for you at the sum of $666.67. and not redeemed.

This sale, if we calculate the interest correctly, left still due you on that date $277.55, which with interest from that date amounts now to about $310.85. This last amount & the cost are still to pay. [We sup]pose you would be pleased to have it collected[, but in] as much as the officers have never received any thing [yet] for what they have already done, we apprehend they will be loth to proceed. The precise amount of cost already incurred we have not now at hand, but it will not greatly vary from $40. We will direct the Sheriff to collect the ballance.

As to the real estate, we can not attend to it, as agents, & we therefore recommend that you give the charge of it, to Mr. Isaac S. Britton, [2] a trust-worthy man, & one whom the Lord made on purpose for such bussiness. Yours &c