Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Speech at Whig Barbecue at Jacksonville, Illinois [1]

October 6, 1843

. . . . After Mr. Baker sat down, Mr. Lincoln was again called upon. [2] He took up the three prominent principles of the Whig Party---The Tariff, a sound and uniform National Currency and the Distribution of the proceeds of the Public Lands. All these he illustrated so plainly and so forcibly, as to show that he not onlyPage  330 understood these principles thoroughly himself and their beneficial bearing on the American people, but that he also possessed a most happy faculty of vindicating them and of urging their adoption before an audience in such a manner as to convince all present of their necessity. [3]


[1]   Burlington, Iowa, Hawk Eye, October 19, 1843. From a long account of the proceedings at which Morgan County Whigs paid the bet proposed by Lincoln on May 11, 1843 (vide supra).

[2]   Lincoln's speech in the afternoon is described as ``most excellent'' but is not reported.

[3]   Six lines cut off the bottom of the page apparently contained the conclusion of the summary of Lincoln's speech.