Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Speed: Springfield, July 26th. 1843.

Yours of the 17th. Inst. is received. Your former letter of the 9th. of June was also received. The note on Butler, [2] I did not wish to collect, for reasons well understood by you; and I therefore handed it to Hurst. [3] Butler has not been at home since it was received. He is, I suppose, this moment in New York city.

The B. C. Webster & Co money, you have got, as I see by a letter of yours to Hurst. We received the ballance of the Walters [4] money three or four days ago. We received an overplus for Van. [5] at the same time, and we take out of the gross sum for you, what, according to our calculation, is your due. That we make to be $212.95[.] We retain the $12.95, as you see, and send you enclosed two one hundred dollar Missouri bills. You often direct us & Hurst to deposite for you in St. Louis; but this is more difficult than it would be to deposite for you at Knob-view; because, every other thing being equal, we do not know who to deposite with in St. Louis whereas we do at Knob-view. We therefore enclose the present remittance to you direct. I was talking with Allen [6] a few days ago, and he said he would like still to try to sell the farm for something more than your debt; but that he would deed it to you outright at any time, you desired it, provided you would take it, and discharge his debt. You know that under the deed of trust you may sell it for what it will bring, and hold him bound for the ballance, provided it does not sell for enough to pay the whole debt. I told him I would write you.

We shall look with impatience for your visit this fall. Your Fanny can not be more anxious to see my Molly [7] than the latter is to see her; nor as much so as I am. Dont fail to come. We are but two, as yet. Your friend as ever A. LINCOLN

P.S. Since I wrote the above, I have seen John Irwin, who starts to the East within a week from now, and by whom I have concluded to send the money in preference to enclosing it. He will leave it with your brother James in the city. A. L.

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