Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Speed: Springfield, March 24. 1843-

Hurst tells me that Lockridge has redeemed the land in your case, & paid him the money; and that he has written you about it. [2] I now have the pleasure of informing you that Walters has paid me $703.25 (in gold) for you. [3] There is something still due you from him,---I think near a hundred dollars, for which I promised him a little additional time. The gold, (except the toll) we hold subject to your order.

We had a meeting of the whigs of the county here on last monday to appoint delegates to a district convention, and Baker beat me [4] & got the delegation instructed to go for him. The meeting, in spite of my attempt to decline it, appointed me one of the delegates; [5] so that in getting Baker the nomination, I shall be ``fixed'' a good deal like a fellow who is made groomsman to the man what has cut him out, and is marrying his own dear ``gal.'' About the prospect of your having a namesake at our house cant say, exactly yet. [Signature removed.]