Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Tabulation of Votes in Sangamon County for State Representatives 1832-1836 [1]

[September 9, 1842]

Elections in Sangamon county Illinois, for State Representatives, in the years 1832-1834 & 1836---

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E. D. Taylor--- Dem. 1127 Elected

J. T. Stuart Whig. 991 Elected

Achs. Morris. Dem. 945 Elected

Peter Cartwright Dem. 815 }Elected

A. G. Herndon Dem. 806

Wm. Carpenter Dem. 774

John Dawson Dem. 717

A. Lincoln Whig. 657

T. M. Neale Whig 593

Richard Quinton Dem. 485

Zach. Peter Whig 216

Edw. Robinson Whig 169

Wm Kirkpatrick Dem. 44---


John Dawson--- Dem--- 1390 Elected---

A. Lincoln. Whig 1376 Elected---

Wm. Carpenter Dem. 1170 Elected---

J. T. Stuart Whig 1164 }Elected---

Richd. Quinton Dem. 1038

Andw. McCormick Whig--- 694

Wm. Alvey Whig. 613

T. M. Neale Whig--- 514

S. J. Campbell Dem 192

James Shepherd Dem. 154

James Baker Whig 130

John Durley Whig 92

Wm. Kendall Whig--- 42.


A. Lincoln Whig--- 1716 Elected

W. F. Elkin Whig. 1694 Elected

N W Edwards--- Whig--- 1659 Elected

John Dawson Whig. 1641 Elected

Dan Stone--- Whig. 1438 Elected

R. L. Wilson Whig. 1353 Elected

Andw. McCormick Whig. 1306 }Elected

John Calhoun Dem. 1278

J. M. Early Dem. 1194

Richd. Quinton Dem. 1137

Thos. Wynne. Dem. 972

Aaron Vandaveer Dem. 922

Uriah Mann Dem. 913

Geo. Power Dem. 905

James Baker--- Whig--- 101

J. L. Thompson Dem--- 38

T. Young Whig--- 12---

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[1]   AD, ORB. The document carries at the bottom a certification by N. W. Matheny, Clerk, County Commissioners Court, dated September 9, 1842. It is laced together with pink ribbon tied in a bow at the top, as it was prepared for Mary Todd on the day when her satiric contribution to the Rebecca letters was published in the Sangamo Journal (vide supra). It is difficult to avoid the conjecture that Lincoln produced this prosaic but obviously sentimental document as a result of his meetings with Mary at the home of Simeon Francis during the letter-writing episode (Beveridge, I, 343-44).