Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Hon. Henry Clay, Springfield, Illinois,
Lexington, Kentucky. August 29, 1842.

Dear Sir: We hear you are to visit Indianapolis, Indiana, on the 5th of October next. If our information in this is correct, we hope you will not deny us the pleasure of seeing you in our State. We are aware of the toil necessarily incident to a journey by one circumstanced as you are; but once you have embarked, as you have already determined to do, the toil would not be greatly augmented by extending the journey to our capital. The season of the year will be most favorable for good roads and pleasant weather; and although we cannot but believe you would be highly gratified with such a visit to the prairie-land, the pleasure it would give us, and thousands such as we, is beyond all question. You have never visited Illinois, or at least this portion of it; and should you now yield to our request, we promise you such a reception as shall be worthy of the man on whom are now turned the fondest hopes of a great and suffering nation.

Please inform us at the earliest convenience whether we may expect you. [2] Very respectfully, your obedient servants,

A. G. Henry, [3] P. A. Saunders, A. Lincoln,

C. Birchall, J. N. Francis, Robt. Irwin,

J. M. Cabaniss, A. T. Bledsoe, J. M. Allen,

Executive Committee, ``Clay Club.''