Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   ALS, IHi.

[2]   William Butler, at whose home Lincoln was boarding.

[3]   Lincoln got judgment for $344.79 and costs in Speed v. Branson & Branson in Sangamon County Circuit Court, November 17, 1843.

[4]   Robert Allen (see letter dated June 21, 1836), proprietor of stage lines operating out of Springfield, gave his note for $900 at 12 per cent to James Bell & Company, January 1, 1842. On July 5, he gave a trust deed to 200 acres in Christian County to Lincoln for use and benefit of Speed. The Bank of Illinois (at Shawneetown) failed in February, 1842, but was expected to resume in June. Having passed the day set for resumption, June 15, the value of its paper declined further.

[5]   Lincoln got judgment by default for $149.65 in James Bell & Company v. William Hall in Tazewell County Circuit Court on September 16, 1842.

[6]   Supra, letter of March 27.

[7]   Brother and partner of Robert Irwin. Robert Irwin & Company operated the store next door to James Bell & Company. Lincoln got judgment for $1,155 in Peter Van Bergen v. William Walters in Sangamon County Circuit Court, November 26, 1842.