Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 1.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Gentlemen Springfield July 2d 1842

Some difficulty arises under the apportionment Bill of the last session as to the number of Senators to be elected, and the districts which they are to represent.

The Locofoco party, availing themselves as usual of every opportunity to secure and increase their power, are running a Senator from Cook and one from Will, while that district has a Senator (Pearson) [2] still in office. In the County of Green[e] they run a Senator for Green[e] and Jersey to fill a Vacancy (Allen) [3] and a Senator for Green[e] & Calhoun under the new Law. It is very much to be feared, that having already a majority assured in the Senate they would if the votes should be wanted give these Senators to be elected their seats right or wrong. There are difficulties inPage  288 a good construction of the Law and it may be a matter of much doubt, as to what the decision may be. At any rate your District (Cass & Scott) is entitled equally with the others to a Senator, if they receive them they must receive yours, and if both should be rejected, things will be as they were. We take the liberty therfore to suggest the propriety of running a whig in your new district for a Senator, as it will be done here, and we shall at any rate either get an equal number of Senators by it or prevent them from getting any. [4]

The chances of a majority for us on joint ballot are so good that we ought not to permit ourselves to loose it by negligence on our part, or fraud on theirs. Yours Sincerely


& other good Whigs} E. D. BAKER A. LINCOLN


P.S. It will of course be better for the Clerk to give notices of the elections, but want of time in the notice, will by no means Vitiate the Election.